Major bug in Marvel’s Avengers: developer offers to delete your campaign as a solution

Marvel’s Avengers online service for Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics isn’t its first problems and controversies. Now, there is a huge bug that is described as “game breaking” and it is preventing players from accessing the online game mode on PlayStation 5 completely.

Featured image: Square Enix

Of course, the developers announced via the game’s social networks that they are currently working on an update to fix the bug. Hearing, they offer an alternative solution… which is to erase your progress in the single player campaign.

So if you’re on a PlayStation 5, want to play online and don’t mind losing your campaign progress, a temporary solution is described on Twitter:

Go to “Operations” and reset the progress of the regrouping campaign. Once you are Young Kamala in A-Day, exit the game from the PS home screen, then you should be able to start the Avengers Initiative.

Also note that the bug comes at a time when a special event is taking place that allows players to double the experience points and resources gained.

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