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Metaverse technology undoubtedly promises a wide range of exciting experiences… However, that doesn’t mean that “real life” behaviors will stop in place of this new virtual life.

The Magnum brand, which positions itself as the “undisputed leader in pleasure” in terms of ice cream, has capitalized on this trend (and the dip in the metaverse craze in recent months) by creating an unforgettable experience of ice cream pleasure inside the metaverse. Glace’s brand is pretty iconic in its latest campaign, featuring a video of the metaverse “inverted.”

Through the campaign #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse – (impossible in the metaverse) – Magnum expresses her belief that everyone should be able to find what gives them pleasure, whether in the real world or the virtual. The film tells the story of Luna, a virtual avatar, and her journey to escape the “superuniverse” while searching for the pleasure of good ice cream. However, despite her best efforts, Luna is unable to relive an experience—especially a taste experience—and quickly realizes she can only relive it in the real world: biting into Magnum…

The movie that will be shown during Metaverse Fashion Week, an operation hosted in Decentraland, will be broadcast on Twitch after the examination. “As a brand, we represent fun,” said Sarah Baixau, Director of Digital Marketing for Magnum Brand.

We believe fun can be found both in the offline and online worlds. However, the pleasure of eating ice cream is not yet possible in the virtual world.

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