Lyme disease: a guide to responding quickly to a sting

Fever, flu-like signs, red spots … several symptoms that should alert you after a tick bite. Haute Autorité de Santé recently published a guide to better advise patients.

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Ticks are an animal vector for Lyme disease. –
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91 cases per 100,000 residents. The incidence of Lyme disease in France reached its highest level in 2021. Also known as “Lyme disease,” this bacterial infection is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected tick.

To improve the care of patients with Lyme diseaseand given the increase in cases in recent years, the Supreme Health Authority (HAS) Posted on March 10 A “A guide to the care pathway for patients suspected of having Lyme disease‘, intended for health professionals.

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Three levels of support

This guide is based on three levels of support. From general practitioner to reference centers for tick-borne diseases (CRMVT), the guide aims to determine for each case”The behavior to be followed and the medical guidance of the patient“.

For level 1, the treating physician is responsible for patient monitoring and tick removal. If there are clinical signs suggestive of Lyme disease such as erythema migrans, the doctor can suggest appropriate treatment with antibiotics.

For level 2, a specialist is needed to intervene with the patient. He will also have to go to a specialist center for tick-borne diseases in case “Other suggestive signs within six weeks of the bite“.

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Prevention Tips

Finally, Level 3 requires multidisciplinary expertise if unfavorable progression occurs after treatment with CRMVT. HAS also recommends referring patients to a specialist center if treatment fails. The health authorities also issue some preventive advice to the patients themselves.

It is therefore recommended to immediately extract the tick with a tick attractor, monitor the bite area for at least a month and follow the development of its health with your attending physician.

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