Low vision and deafness, daily disabilities

Low vision, also called low vision, is a disability that reduces independence and requires constant efforts to adapt, just like age-related hearing loss. Low vision makes it difficult to see even with the best eyeglasses. It can be the result of some progressive diseases such as AMD, glaucoma, diabetes, or cataracts. Age-related hearing loss, deafness, develops slowly and gradually. Environmental factors, such as repeated exposure to loud noises will have an obvious effect. Visual impairment or hearing loss can be genetic.

Arthur Beckmel is an optometrist who specializes in low vision and Yuan Muja in hearing. In both diseases, early detection is essential. When in doubt, we refer our clients to an ophthalmologist or an otolaryngologist. We will then be able to make the most appropriate proposals for their disability.

Solutions to help the person

Visually Impaired

From a convenient magnifying glass to the most advanced video magnifier, there is a wide range of visual aids for blind people.

magnifying glassesPortable or standing, provides the necessary magnification for reading

optical systems Provide the necessary assistance while keeping your hands free

Electronic magnifying glasses Combine high magnification and high contrast

video amplifiers They offer great magnification and some of them also allow reading aloud.

More effective hearing aids

and confidentiality

Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving. Modern devices are digital and include more and more features with great ability to adapt to the patient’s daily environment. Hearing loss is often accompanied by tinnitus. Some hearing aids offer features that help reduce tinnitus.

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Behind-the-ear headphoneMore powerful, it allows for more amplification and easier handling.

mini hearing aidbehind the wing, looks like a distant earpiece placed in the auditory canal

Hearing in the earsIt slips completely into the ear canal, it is discreet and comfortable

The state set up the rest to be loaded zero

For optics, this is done on a specific set of frames and lenses imposed for all

Necessary corrections.

As for acoustics, the proposed equipment will be effective, but in a simple environment.

It is necessary to offer the option of zero residual fees on any quote.

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