Low prices and an uncertain future for Movkir

On July 29, 2020, Movkir’s lung became The first remote monitoring tool for common law reimbursement in France.

It is a first class medical device (MD) in the form of a web application for remote medical monitoring of relapses and complications in patients with non-progressive lung cancer.

Concretely, each week it sends an email to the patient inviting them to answer a 12-item questionnaire (on mobile, computer or tablet). The program analyzes the responses taking into account the responses of the previous weeks, and if a risk of recurrence or complications is detected, an alert is sent to the referring specialist.

As a reminder, the device must be prescribed by an oncologist, pulmonologist or surgeon and accompanied by a letter addressed to the treating physician. The patient gives his consent to the referring health professional, who also accompanies him in using the instrument.

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