Liquid water on Mars? This new study could change everything

Liquid water on Mars?  This new study could change everything

Scientists, studying the terrain of Mars, found evidence of water under one of the planet’s poles.

Water on Mars? It seems unlikely, but according to the researchers, There will be water in liquid form on the Red Planet. Be careful, this does not necessarily mean that our neighbors are harboring or sheltered hordes of little green men…

Landscapes cleverly modified with liquid water

But how did these scientists make this big discovery? As many rovers roam the surface of Mars and share new snapshots of extraterrestrial landscapes, radar-equipped satellites are scanning its surface.

One of them, called MARSIS (Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Probes), focused on an area in the Antarctic, where there is a thick layer of ice. As our colleagues from The Independent explained:

The researchers used lasers to identify subtle changes in the patterns of ice caps on Mars. They then compared these models to a computer model that predicted how a body of water under these ice caps might change the surface – and found thatyou meet.

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Life on Mars?

Can these changes in elevation be explained by other factors? This is not entirely impossible, but according to the researchers, it would be “The strongest indication of the presence of water in liquid form on Mars so far“.

This means that there is at least one region under which there is water in liquid form, and the planet still has geothermal activity, which would allow the ice cap to melt. However, whoever says water does not automatically say life. If this work indicates that the planet could have hosted life in the distant past, This does not mean that living organisms have been found. On this point, the researchers were very clear… However, this discovery leaves one wondering.

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