Like 'major plane turbulence': Quebecers witness Storm Beryl in RV

Like 'major plane turbulence': Quebecers witness Storm Beryl in RV

A Quebec family traveling in an RV in Houston witnessed Tropical Storm Beryl make a hard landing in Texas, killing eight people in its path.

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The family explained in an interview with Good morning QuebecThey rented a robotic vehicle for two weeks, hoping to visit NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, not knowing that Beryl would change their plans.

At the time of the warnings about the approach of Hurricane Beryl, the family was in Galveston, in southern Texas. The weather looked very good, so they decided to drive to Houston to visit them. “When we got there, we received the bad news that our visit was canceled. The purpose of our trip was defeated,” explains Frederic Dube.

When Tropical Storm Beryl passed, Frederic noted that they were “really shaken” at their campsite in Houston, describing the phenomenon as “a lot of turbulence in the plane.”

The parents and their three children enjoyed the weather cocktail, with rain and strong winds in attendance. “It was the same in an RV as when things shake really loudly in an airplane,” she said. […] Rain was hitting the windows and roof of the RV.

Frédéric Dube and Genevieve Caron say they were “scared” when “things got hot.” ​​“We looked at the other RVs, and they stayed parked, so we told ourselves we would be fine,” Genevieve explains.

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Broken trees blocking paths, roadblocks, destroyed buildings, trees in homes, torn wires everywhere… Beryl caused extensive damage. When they traveled in their RV, they had to go through flooded roads, which was even more “stressful.” “What we see in your photos, we experienced live […] “It was a huge buzz,” Frederic says.

Since Beryl arrived, “there has been no electricity anywhere,” but the family has managed to find power elsewhere in their RV.

Their travel plans have apparently changed with Beryl's arrival. Those who were supposed to board a flight on Tuesday morning, July 9, to return to Quebec will instead have to wait until Thursday.

The couple points out that the citizens “help” each other. “There is no animosity. It's surprising. Everyone helps each other.”

See the full interview above.

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