Lightyear: A new Pixar movie that takes us back to childhood! [BANDE-ANNONCE]

Lightyear: A new Pixar movie that takes us back to childhood! [BANDE-ANNONCE]

If you didn’t know yet, know that Animation Studio Pixar She is currently working on a movie starring a celebrity Buzz LightyearOne of the main characters in the franchise Toy Story. This movie is what we call a Role from epic Toy Story, any feature film that takes place in the realm of the main story and generally takes place before or after the events described in the original films. produced by Angus McClainthe original version of her Chris Evans As a voice translator for Buzz Lightyear.

The film will chronicle the youth and origins of Buzz Lightyear before he came to Earth. It would also be a chance to learn more about his meeting with the terrifying Emperor Zorg. As with most Pixar animated films, Buzz Lightyear will be funny, engaging, and emotional at the same time. It is this combination of emotions that makes animated films such great films with young and old alike!

The animation studio released their first trailer just over three months ago and a brand new trailer was revealed on YouTube. In this, we can see some interesting characters, such as a robotic cat who looks very endearing!

The film’s release date is set for June 17, 2022.

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