Lightning epidemic of gastroenteritis in the camp: vomiting and diarrhea of ​​514 patients

More than 800 students gathered for an athletic meet.

Amazing information. This Wednesday, the Catalan media confirmed in unison that A Epidemic to Inflammation of the stomach and intestines Hard hitting customers of the campsite located at Cambrils (Catalonia)a seaside resort located near Salou and the entertainment city Port Aventura.

The camp is located in Cambrils, near Salou and PortAventura Park.
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On February 11, hundreds of students from all over the world gathered at the famous camp site to take part in a sports trip, According to the details of 324. According to our colleagues, the institution housed 824 people at that time.

514 patients

At that time, an epidemic struck: 514 people suffered from gastroenteritis almost simultaneously, with symptoms Classics like diarrhea or vomiting. None of them required hospitalization.

So the Catalan Health Agency launched an investigation to establish an originEpidemic. According to 324the supply network will be involved in the camp site.

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