LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is apparently coming to the Nintendo Switch

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is apparently coming to the Nintendo Switch

LEGO Super Heroes Marvel, Which was first released in 2013, looks like it’s finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. A new listing for the game mentioned that a Switch version is now on the horizon even though the game has appeared previously on Nintendo platforms.

Spotted on the official ESRB website, Web page for LEGO Super Heroes Marvel Recently it appeared that it mentions the Switch platform game. The menu itself contains no other noticeable information other than the fact that it is rated E10 +, just like the other iterations of the game. The release date, which is one of the details I imagine many will be interested in, is nowhere to be seen.

At this point, WB Games has not confirmed this LEGO Super Heroes Marvel It will be coming to Switch, so it’s important to note that this may not happen. However, with that in mind, leaks via ESRB have often proven subtle which means this leak has a great deal of credibility behind it.

However, it’s somewhat strange to see WB Games looking to make this happen LEGO Super Heroes Marvel at this time. As mentioned earlier, the game appeared on 3DS and Wii U which means that those who have owned Nintendo platforms in the past were easily able to try this game for some time. Long-term, however, it was one of the most popular entries Puzzle Games So it makes sense to see WB Games looking to try to get more money from them.

Obviously, this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but if an announcement comes out in the near future, We’ll keep you in the episode here on

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Are you interested in playing? LEGO Super Heroes Marvel Again (or for the first time) if it comes to a switch? Give me your thoughts in the comments below or hit me on Twitter at Trustworthy To let me know.

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