LEGO and ESA create meteorite bricks to build on the Moon

LEGO and ESA create meteorite bricks to build on the Moon

The European Space Agency (ESA) is developing a bold project that could revolutionize the way we build on the Moon.

Using a mixture of lunar regolith and meteorite dust, the European Space Agency has created 3D-printed Lego pieces, providing a fascinating insight into how structures are built on the Moon, where traditional building materials are scarce.

Meteor dust magic

The project is part of ESA’s Space EAC initiative, which focuses on in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) to create sustainable living and working conditions on the Moon. By exploiting materials available on the Moon’s surface, astronauts can build habitats, landing strips and other infrastructure without relying solely on expensive terrestrial supplies.

To create these unique LEGO bricks, ESA scientists turned to a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite discovered in northwest Africa. By crushing the meteorite dust, they created a replica of lunar regolith, which they then mixed with a small amount of thermoplastic polyester to form the bricks.

Bricks that click like LEGOs

These lunar bricks fit together just like their plastic counterparts, though they’re space gray. While they’re not meant for play on Earth or the Moon, Space Bricks do serve an essential role. They demonstrate the feasibility of 3D printing interlocking structures from lunar materials, and encourage researchers to experiment, much like LEGO bricks do for kids.

learn while having fun

The European Space Agency stresses the importance of learning through play, even for scientists. “Scientists can learn through play, just like children. The beauty of flexible, modular building materials like LEGO is that they encourage creativity, making it quick and easy to experiment with ideas.

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A unique exhibition for Lego and space lovers

LEGO and space fans will be excited to know that a special collection of space bricks will be available in select LEGO stores around the world this summer. This initiative provides a unique opportunity to see these innovative bricks up close and get inspired by the future possibilities of space construction.


With Space Bricks, ESA and LEGO are taking space exploration to a new level. Combining technological innovation with playful creativity, these meteorite bricks are paving the way for new ways to build on the Moon. As we look to the stars, these projects remind us that the future of space construction could look like a giant LEGO set.

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