Lawyers say Apple is laughing at you

Lawyers say Apple is laughing at you

A new complaint against Apple, which has been examined by courts across the Atlantic, has just led to a lawsuit that promises to be significant. The accusation specifically relates to monitoring behavior that Apple operates through its app store, the App Store. platform It actually saves almost anything the user is searching for, in order to better target the ads launched by advertisers. A process quite similar to that of many other players in the technology sector, such as Meta (Facebook), Alphabet (Google) or Microsoft.

More specifically, Apple is particularly criticized for continuing to monitor the habits of Internet users even though they specifically choose not to spy on them in this way. In any case with regard to third-party applications, since the implementation ofATT Forced message for developers suggesting to disable cross-app tracking. Cupertino, for its part, gives itself a certain privilege by not asking its customers for their opinions …

Little chance of winning

Based on the opinion of a specialized lawyer collected by our colleagues from Apple InsiderHowever, Apple will have a good chance of seeing its opponent, Elliot Lippmann, dismissed by the judge in charge of the case. The legal framework in question will be in the company’s favor at apple, at least for the time being. Lippmann, for his part, wants the accident to lead to a Teamwork. Understand that it is about rallying others to your cause.

In any case, it wouldn’t be the first time such a conflict has seen Apple face critics who point the finger at it for playing at two tables. In fact, we have already seen Enthusiastic lawmakers attack Tim Cook’s company for similar factswith ongoing investigations in a few states.

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Anonymous and unsold data?

In its defense, Apple ensures that personal data collected is anonymous before it is analyzed by its services. It is therefore in itself – according to the publisher’s data, again – not information specifically related to your private life which is then transmitted for promotional purposes. But the files are fine Cash To promote applications for a fee, A process that will bring more to Apple soon. – the official التطبيق app

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