Landworth. The first is about heritage

Landworth.  The first is about heritage

The municipality is already preparing for the upcoming Heritage Days which will take place in September. At Landorthe it will be on Sunday 25th September. This year, this event will focus more specifically on the human heritage based on the discovery of the humanity and richness found in each one of us.

At the core of this project is no longer presenting or visiting monuments, but women and men bearers of cultures who often have little place in cultural structures. Landorthais will be invited to express their talents (painting, sewing, embroidery, photography, music, singing, theatre, presenting groups…).

The oldest will attend through an exhibition of pictures expressing their written memories and the youngest (schoolchildren) will also participate. Finally, the 10 nationalities present in the city will present a sample of their knowledge of cooking in colorful snacks that will take us to all continents!

The different aspects of the proposed activities will make it possible to create or strengthen links between generations by bringing the ages together. A huge program will have a human at the center of the program.

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