Kandao Obsidian Pro, winner of a TIME Best Invention Award, live-streamed NASA’s Artemis I launch in 360

Kandao Obsidian Pro, winner of a TIME Best Invention Award, live-streamed NASA’s Artemis I launch in 360
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ShenzhenChinaAnd the November 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NASA’s ArtemisI mission lifts off November 16, 2022 from the Launch Complex 39 b From the Kennedy Space Center. MeetMo, Felix, Paul Studios, and FlightLine Films use Kandao Obsidian Pro to stream an immersive livestream of NASA’s ArtemisI launch in HD 8 kg. This was my first immersive live broadcast 8 kg From launching a missile, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of quality, interactivity and presence, and providing audiences with an unforgettable close-up viewing experience. Kandao Obsidian Pro performs flawlessly in the dark environment before the missile launches and in the very bright moment when the missile lifts off, lighting up the night thanks to its 14-stop dynamic range and eight APS-C sensors.

As for Obsidian Pro, it is a 360-degree camera with accuracy 12 k Recognized with a TIME Best Invention of 2022, Best100 of Good Design Award and Bronze Winner of an IDEA Design Award. This is the first panoramic camera available for panoramic photography 12 kand videotaping and live broadcasting of the reviews 8 kg, as well as the first camera with electronically adjustable aperture and focal length. As TIME commented, “With eight spider-shaped lenses that combine to deliver immersive, VR-ready footage, the professional Obsidian Pro is quickly becoming the new standard for filming or live-streaming all angles of world action.”

Kandao Obsidian Pro, winner of the TIME Award for Best Invention

Live VR has made events like stadium games or NASA rocket launches more accessible to people around the world, where previous 360 cameras’ resolution limitations were the reason they weren’t widely used. So Obsidian Pro, with 8K30FPS and 6K60FPS VR live broadcast function, was introduced as a solution. Live broadcast via camera and live broadcast via software, such as OBS, are available. The camera supports protocols such as RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, and SRT. It even has an HDMI interface for maximum output 8 kg 30Hz, which makes it an ideal choice for low-latency live broadcasts.

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For stitching, it is possible to stitch items both in camera and through software. Users are allowed to select a suitable stitch pattern based on the distance between the main object recorded and the camera for better stitching. Also, considering the different uses, software stitching is provided for better output accuracy and optical stitching capability.

It even comes with live broadcast software for remote control, picture-in-picture adjustment, resolution and bitrate, making Obsidian Pro a complete and reliable live broadcast camera.

Besides, ArtemisI is a bold move to bring us back to the moon, and Kandao Obsidian Pro could be a bold move to bring us closer to the Metaverse.



picture: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1955471/Kandao_Obsidian_Pro_TIME_s_Best_Invention_Winner_Live_Streamed_NASA_s.jpg
picture: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1955472/Kandao_Obsidian_Pro_TIME_s_Best_Invention_Winner.jpg

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