July 14. The governor bans fireworks and pyrotechnics on the Cote d’Or in two periods in July and August

From Saturday 9 July at 8 am, until Friday 15 July 8 am There too, restrictive measures apply to fireworks and fireworks on the Cote d’Or. This measure will also apply from Friday August 12 at 8 AM until Tuesday August 16, 2022 at 8 AM.

In a press release, Governor Fabian Sodry announced this in order to “confront the dangers, physical accidents and property damage that may result from the reckless use of firecrackers and fireworks, and to prevent voluntary fires.”

It is also prohibited to sell fuel in any transportable container

Therefore the use and transportation of fireworks and pyrotechnics by individuals is prohibited. In addition to the distribution, sale and purchase of fuel in any transportable container and sale of domestic fuel, except for “necessity duly justified by the customer and verified, as necessary, with the assistance of the local police or gendarmerie services.”

However, with regard to fireworks, “the sale of holders of the qualification certificate stipulated in the decree issued on May 28, 2019 remains authorized.”

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