Jose Mourinho Appears In… Rap ​​Clip –

Jose Mourinho Appears In… Rap ​​Clip –

Jose Mourinho in a rap clip, I dreamed of it, Stormzy did it! The Special One took advantage of a few days off to appear on the new rapper’s track. more

Mourinho plays with it

Jose Mourinho is a man who has several tendons in his bow. He is not only on the bench in Rome. Yes, Coach also makes a small appearance in a rap clip. A somewhat unexpected appearance for the Portuguese. It was rapper Stormzy who called up his services in his last clip for his new track Mel made me do it.. A short appearance pleases many fans of the coach.

You have to advance to the fifth minute to see The Special One standing next to Stormzy. At first, Jose Mourinho put his finger in his mouth and followed the camera with his gaze. The music has been reduced to make room for the Portuguese’s voice: “I really prefer not to speak. If I do, I am in big trouble.” in French: Better not to say anything. If you talk, I’ll have a big problem. » These words go back to March 2014, after Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to Aston Villa. He also received a red card during this match.

Focus on football

This little musical arc doesn’t stop Jose Mourinho from focusing on his goals Rome. Currently 6ᵉ in the tournament with the Italian club, the Portuguese also participates in the Europa League competition. A rather complicated piece since Mourinho and his men have already scored a defeat in two days of competition. The next match against Betis Sevilla will take place on October 6, at the Stadio Olimpico.

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Jose Mourinho should focus on Serie A (Icon Sport)

Before Betis receive Sevilla, Jose Mourinho will have to get rid of Inter Milan, who are currently seventh in the championship. Both teams are volatile and neither of them wants to lose this match. It will be a test match on October 1, when the international break returns.

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