Jonas Martin: “Paulo Fonseca is tactically very precise”

Jonas Martin: “Paulo Fonseca is tactically very precise”

Arrived a few days after the official signing of Paulo Fonseca, Jonas Martin discovered LOSC at the same time as the Portuguese technician. He looks back at his first steps with the 49-year-old.

Desired by Olivier Letang and Paulo Fonseca, Jonas Martin signed with LOSC with the goal of finding a role similar to the one he had played at Stade Rennais. A use that looks similar to that wanted by the new Lille coach, as the midfielder explained to Ligue 1: “Paulo Fonseca told me what he intended to do with me, the role he saw for me on the pitch, what he expected of my midfielders depending on the system… He showed me video sequences of my games from last season. He also showed me pictures of some of the great players who They play in my position, like Sergio Busquets or Rodri, and he takes them as an example. He wants to make me move forward so it’s so fun. What’s he asking me? I can’t say much, it’s secret! It’s up to our opponents to find out on the pitch. But sure, some things change. For me. That’s why the coach showed me my old matches to tell me what he no longer wanted me to do and what he wanted me to keep doing. These discussions happened very quickly because he wanted to put many things in place as soon as we resumed. When we don’t fully understand what he wants, he brings it up us with pictures or on his board, and tactics in particular, and everything becomes easier.”

Thanks to his high experience with FC Porto, Shakhtar Donetsk and Roma, Paulo Fonseca immediately won the 32-year-old, both in his football style, training with the ball and his personality. “He is someone who shoots something. He has charisma. He also has personality, which is very good because he needs it on the pitch and also on the bench. He allows everyone to get along. Watching his previous teams play, we see that he is a coach who loves possession. He is very precise tactically. With him, he is to the nearest centimeter. There is a lot of pressure and counter-pressure, a lot of intensity in training. I hope he takes mayonnaise quickly because we know that when there is a new coach and new players, it can take a while (…) Paulo Fonseca does not make us “We run a lot without the ball. We do almost everything with the ball. In training, we repeat our efforts a lot. It is very positive because by getting as close as possible to the reality of the match, we are better preparing for what lies ahead at the weekend.”

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