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Jul, a huge football fan, decided to denounce the unacceptable stance of Manchester United against Cristiano Ronaldo in the song!

The Rapper Marseille Goal is a big football fan Especially Olympique de Marseille. Outside the Marseille club, he loves big Football players like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. The latter is going through a very complicated period in his club, Manchester United. to denounce what club english made for portuguese player, He decided to support him in his last voice!

Cristiano Ronaldo Failed Transfer To… OM?

Since returning to Manchester United 10 years after leaving the club, Cristiano Ronaldo is going through tough times. He isn’t a regular starter often and his new coach doesn’t rely on him much. This summer, he asked to leave Manchester for a club that plays the Champions League in one of Europe’s top five leagues. Unfortunately, he did not find takers.

But the rumors adamantly came back all summer. The person who sent Cristiano Ronaldo at Goal’s favorite club, Olympique de Marseille. The rumors started on Twitter and quickly became trending with #RonaldoOM. He went everywhere, and even rapper Jul believed in him until the head of OM put an end to him. Pablo Longoria stunned everyone by saying that he did not communicate with Cristiano Ronaldo or his representatives.

player Portuguese So he stayed at Manchester United and this start to the season is more complicated than the previous season. Cristiano Ronaldo is interrupted by his coach who doesn’t make him play. It got too complicated for the multiple golden balls.

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Jul understood what the Portuguese were going through and wanted to support it in his own way.

Jol denounces Manchester United’s unacceptable position against the multiple Portuguese Golden Balls!

Cristiano Ronaldo goes through hell in Manchester United. What was supposed to be an unforgettable return to his favorite club has become a nightmare. player Portuguese He found himself marginalized by his club because he decided to return to the locker room directly when he learned that he would not take part in play, the club did not like it, and the Portuguese player found himself sanctioned. He no longer has to train with the professional team.

Cristiano Ronaldo has received a lot of support such as that of rapper Marseille Goal. UFO just shared a new snippet a few hours ago that also supports it Portuguese player Manchester United.

In the last excerpt that Jul broadcast on social networks, the rapper in Marseille released the clip “They forgot everything, they no longer respect Ronaldo”. Like all football fans, Jul also remains very frustrated with Manchester United’s behavior towards the Portuguese player.

Cristiano Ronaldo He will play his last role world Cup this year. It is also possible that his career end would be very complicated if he did not change clubs. anyways, He knows he can count on the support of rapper Jul!

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