John Carmack leaves for dead with a note criticizing the company’s efficiency

John Carmack leaves for dead. Oculus’ chief technology officer, in particular, complains about the giant’s incompetence.

John Carmackpioneer Virtual Reality who joined Meta from Oculus after acquiring it for $2 billion, he said The American giant left. Business interested He was the first to report the information, citing sources close to the company, and published excerpts from an internal memo containing several criticisms against Meta and its efforts in terms of augmented and virtual reality. After publishing articles Business interested Based on New York timesJohn Carmack confirmed the information on Twitter and FB. He even published the entire memo in question.

“It’s the end of my decade in virtual reality,” John Carmack explained in his note. The man began to extol the advantages of the helmet Quest 2, “what he wanted to see from the start”, with inverted tracking, optional PC broadcasting and a screen with near 4K resolution. However, he explains that “it could have happened a little faster and it would have been better if other decisions had been made”.

John Carmack’s main concern with Menlo Park appears to be the company’s efficiency, or rather its lack of efficiency. “We have an awful lot of people and resources, but we constantly sabotage ourselves and waste our efforts,” he wrote. “There is no other way to put it: I think our organization operates at half the efficiency that would make me happy.”

Oculus’ chief technology officer, in particular, complains about the giant’s incompetence

The CEO went on to say that “as a voice among the highest”, he felt he should have been able to get things done, but that he “was clearly not convincing enough”. Although he doesn’t provide examples, John Carmack does point out that a lot of the things he complains about weren’t fixed until a year or two ago, after the evidence accumulated. “I’ve never been able to finish stupid things before they cause damage, or set a trend and force a team to stick to it.” John Carmack admits he’s “tired of fighting,” but remains convinced that “virtual reality can bring significant value to the majority of people around the world, and no company is better positioned to do so than Meta.”

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As he previously said on Twitter, “He’s always been very disappointed with the way things are done [Meta]. In an interview with Lex Friedman last August, he said losing the $10 billion AR and VR division made him “think bad about all that money being spent.” He was writing in internal Meta messages criticizing the headset’s functionality and the need to install software updates before Apparently, he was also pushing to make user experience a priority in realizing his vision of Metaverse.

John Carmack became Oculus’ first CTO in 2013 after leaving ID Software, the studio he was involved in creating licenses for. the death And the earthquake. He had joined Meta when the company, then Facebook, bought Oculus for $2 billion in 2014. In 2019, he left his role at Oculus and was only the consulting CTO to focus onartificial general intelligence (AGI), which is kind ofArtificial intelligence able to perform human tasks. His startup, Keen Technologies, is developing these AI systems.

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