Joaquin Phoenix, my sensitive uncle from America in “The Souls of Our Children”

After many strange roles, the American actor is taking a turn in his career with his latest film: the souls of our children.

Change the record of Joaquin Phoenix who, with the souls of our children, s’éloigne des rôles borderline (le Joker notamment) pour jouer un journaliste radio seul et détaché qui, le temps d’un road trip, découvre son petit neveu et, à travers lui, une certain idée de la parentalité Education. In his company, he wanders the cities interviewing young Americans about their fears, their hopes, and the state of the world…

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On the one hand, the film is about the little moments in life, like bathing a baby or talking at bedtime, says director Mike Mills (Women of the 20th Century). “On the other hand, we hear young people think out loud about their own future and the future of the world, so that the intimate narration takes place in the context of a much larger story.” The interviews with these young Americans were not written and acted upon, but were recorded during filming by the filmmaker or Phoenix himself.

“We are all responsible for the children of the world we leave to them and the actions we take, even if we are not parents,” says the actor, who is very influential on screen. “There’s also something interesting about the idea that by being guardians of children, we can become more curious and more open.” The arcs this duo has gone through will truly be transformative, as a solitary reporter dares to tell this kid what he never admitted to himself. A beautiful poem of dispatch and memory, in an elegant black and white box.

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the souls of our childrenBy Mike Mills with Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman.

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