Joao Felix, the hard polishing of the Portuguese jewel

Joao Felix, the hard polishing of the Portuguese jewel

In his last eight games with Real Madrid, Joao Felix has scored seven goals… the equivalent in his previous 60 games. Despite some disagreements with the team or with his teammates at the start of the season, his talent turned into goals. For the good of the team. “We know that Joao has tremendous talent, but sometimes talent is not enough“, Yannick Carrasco decided on the Spanish channel Movistar + After the big 4-1 victory over Alaves on Saturday during the 30th day of the Spanish League. “Work is also important. Think of the team, not just of yourself. And Joao understood that this season. He worked hard, he understood that the group was more important than his name. Today he is a major player for us. very important. We need him at his best. We need Joao Felix + Gulidor +Belgian Pavilion announced.

Saturday against the Red Lantern in the Portuguese Spanish LeagueShines every time he touches the ballsummarized Brand. “Millimeters and high-quality measures, he restricted small artworks. He is without a doubt the most talented player in Atlético.“, a appuyé le quotidien sportif espagnol. Victime d’un coup sur le flanc gauche des côtes avec la sélection portugaise la semaine dernière, Joao Felix s’est remis de ses douleurs pour réintérojir avec la sélection portugaise la semaine dernière, Joao Felix s’est remis de ses douleurs pour réintérojir a trom le continental groupcoe, just in England.

Griezmann, from rival to friend

But if his current form justifies the €120m Colchoneros put on the table in 2019 to persuade Benfica to release him, the adaptation hasn’t been the easiest for Mignino de Oro (golden boy, in Portuguese). This second striker, who plays in the same position as Antoine Griezmann, scored only 9 goals in his first season with Colchoneros, and ten goals in the second, in all competitions, and the injuries that plagued him did not help him. Missed 26 games. since his arrival. This season, two months after the end of the fiscal year, he has already equaled his numbers from last season, with 10 goals and 6 assists.

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But this summer, Griezmann’s return so infuriated him that he sought to leave the club. Another misunderstanding with the management of Simeone, who refused to give up the Portuguese jewel. “But the vicissitudes of the season mean sentiment has changed. From now on, N.7 (Griezmann’s previous number in Atlético, Ed) is an indisputable carrier … and makes a terrible duo with the French“, Wrote BrandHalf of March.


After the feat at Old Trafford (a 1-0 win after a 1-1 draw in the first leg) to snatch a ticket to the C1 quarter-finals, the two players, who had become friends, exchanged shirts and were passed in front of the club’s cameras in pairs, to fit the common interview game. “I have treated him well since he arrived. He gave me a lot of advice right from the start, and he stayed close to me“, thank the Portuguese. Even if sparks still fly sometimes, like March 19 on the Rayo Vallecano park (success 1-0), when Joao Felix went around the pitch angry because he had been substituted Luis Suarez (64), Simeone ended up installing The 22-year-old Portuguese made a permanent appearance at the age of eleven.As long as he plays well, he will play. It lights up, so it playsSimeone summed up after the match against Alaves.

Joao Felix shines, Atlético is doing well!

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