Jennifer Hill will be the new voice of Bionetta

Jennifer Hill will be the new voice of Bionetta

Platinum Games confirms that Canadian-American voice actress Jennifer Hill will be the new voice of Bayonetta in upcoming games.

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During an interview with detective game Focusing on Bayonetta 3, the new game in the Bayonetta series planned for October 28, next. The studio confirms that the official voice of the main character will be changed. While English actress Helena Taylor has done this voice before, it will be Jennifer Hill’s turn to officially take over. Last September, Taylor hinted that she wouldn’t be the voice of Bayonetta in the third installment, but that just remained a rumor.

Jennifer Hill is a voice actress with a lot of gaming experience. You will definitely recognize her, as she is, among other things, the voice of the female version of Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect, the voice of Samus Aran in the Metroid Prime series, the voice of Naomi Hunter in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the voice of Ash in the Overwatch shooter and the voice of Rivet in the game Ratchet and New Clank: Rift Apart. So it’s likely, at one time or another, a part of your gaming experience.

Various intervening circumstances made it difficult for Helena Taylor to reprise her role. We auditioned for Bayonetta’s new voice and pitched the role to Jennifer Hale, which we thought was a good fit for the character. I understand some fans’ concerns about changing the voice at this point in the series, but Jennifer’s performance was far beyond what we could have imagined. I am confident that her portrayal of Bionetta will exceed our fans’ expectations.” Game Director, Yusuke Miyata.

Platinum Games also confirms that the character’s Japanese voice (VO) will not change, and will always be interpreted by Atsuko Tanaka. As a Game Informer reporter stated, after testing the game himself, the difference is not noticeable. The performance of the two actresses is similar and both are excellent.

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