Jean-Luc Paul will make you want Lisbon

Jean-Luc Paul will make you want Lisbon

The Portuguese culture lover, 40 years old who passed through Paris and Lille, now caters to those who want a blue future, under the Portuguese sun.

At first there was Lille, then Paris. Jean-Luc has now chosen to live in Lisbon. Quadra settled in the Portuguese capital for love, which is still very attached to his department – his father is from Durenque – and his “excellent Charcuterie” found in the Lisbon pearl the perfect place for his new life.

company“Jean-Luc now accompanies those who, like him, have decided to take the initiative.” We had a small house in Lisbon with my partner. Little by little we thought it would be nice to live here full time and brought back the business manager who quickly understood how he could help the expats in the future.

“I work on the concept of ‘relocation’. In short, I support candidates in all aspects of alienation. I manage administrative and tax procedures for them … I also take care of the education of children when they are there moving. I am also a master in the art of searching for an apartment” he summarizes.

Her clientele: mostly young workers, fond of the capital’s “ultra-modern” charm. According to him, there is everything one can hope for on the banks of the Tagus River. “We eat well in a great setting, the architecture is grandiose. The climate is great. There are just over 300 days of sunshine a year. The culture is also very similar to the French culture. The people are very friendly and welcoming. Portuguese charity is not a legend!” even better. Capital’s reputation in technology fields is well established.

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Tech Capital

Organizer of the Web Summit since 2015, an event that brings together a series of conferences on Internet technologies and advanced technology – the best on the planet according to Forbes magazine – Lisbon welcomes the cream of the burgeoning sector and startup founders from everyone around the world.

A “planetary event that ended up attracting this type of feature” confirms the quartet to its clientele. “A lot of my clients work in technology. They developed an app when they were 25. They created start-ups, sold their businesses, and hoped for a better life for their children.”

Seduced by a sunny living environment, the explosion of remote working and a rather beneficial tax system — profits from foreign companies, cryptocurrency or copyrights are not taxed — they generally end up persuading candidates to leave. Long, in fact, as the tax haven for French retirees, Portugal has been surfing this wave to attract newcomers.

“But be careful, warns Jean-Luc. If you come to Portugal only for taxes, you risk being very disappointed.” Indeed, if the status of “usual non-resident” allows, “conditionally”, persons wishing to expatriate partial or total exemption from taxes, it is best to look closely before starting. However, “to come to Lisbon only for tax reasons is a bad calculation”, concludes our ambassador who, even without this, will succeed in making you want Lisbon.

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