Jan Airoldi reveals whether he plans to marry his partner

Jan Airoldi reveals whether he plans to marry his partner

The stars attended the documentary's premiere in Montreal Me: Celine DionWhich was held on June 17 in Arts Square.

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“I was the one who designed the clothes for Celine when she celebrated her tenth birthday at the Forum,” she says. Jean AiroldiWho came to the premiere with a guest. And in Vogue's recent video showing us how Celine has been dressed over the years, in the first photo, my groupie is carrying her on her back. He remembers making the summit in 48 hours. He'll never forget that she also wore a jacket he designed the first time she appeared on Good Morning America. The former designer is oozing happiness at the moment! He's the new spokesperson for Voyages Vasco, which will lead him to travel a lot, lucky man! “I will have the opportunity to travel and go and shoot videos and give people an idea of ​​what this or that destination is like,” he is happy. I don't know yet what my first destination will be, but I'm crazy! I want to go on safari, go to Alaska…there are so many trips I want to do! At my age, this is the perfect time for this. It fits well with my work as a real estate broker. Trips will always be done in pairs: “I'll go either with my girlfriend or with one of my daughters.” While waiting for the first flight, Jane will go camping in Maine with her daughters in July. Perhaps his new contract will allow him to spend more time with his lover, Chantal Gingras, a painter who lives in Florida! One thing is certain, his happiness is almost perfect. Is there only one wedding missing? “I don't think that will happen. Once is enough!”

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