It’s Snapchat’s turn to get its own AI as “ChatGPT”!

It’s Snapchat’s turn to get its own AI as “ChatGPT”!

Right now, “My AI” looks more like a packaged version of ChatGPT imported into the app, rather than a native feature. Snapchat also promptly warns users by pointing out on the one hand that the results and answers provided may be irrelevant or lacking in substance, and urging them not to provide secrets or personal data to the AI. ” As with all AI chatbots, my AI is prone to hallucinations and can say anything…sorry in advance “, refers to the social network to rid the habits of some strange answers that can be displayed on the smartphones of thousands of users.

Conversations will already be stored and analyzed by third parties to improve the product in the coming weeks. So we understand why Snapchat warns its subscribers so much, in order to avoid problems of lack of respect for privacy. Users can also report strange responses to the company by submitting comments.

The company has also established limits to avoid breaches that Microsoft has with Bing related to ChatGPT. The media the edge It indicates that “My AI” cannot write college assignments and has not provided answers that contain violent, sexual, or hateful content.

The “My AI” option will not be available on all accounts. Snapchat+ members, who today pay a few euros a month for additional features, will get the scoop on this chatbot.

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