It’s one of the best sci-fi movies, almost Interstellar quality, but we forget it even exists! Cinema news

Released in 1997 and directed by veteran Robert Zemeckis, Contact, which belongs in the Hard Science-Fiction movie genre, is still a relatively unknown film for the director, and was received very lukewarm at the Box Office. However, serious reassessment is needed.

For Robert Zemeckis, who has been a bit lacking in inspiration for a few years, we clearly recall the sentimental memories of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?; The inevitable Back-to-the-Future saga that has become so widely ingrained in the culture pantheon. Forrest Gump, of course; Or her forays into Performance Capture, like Scrooge’s Funny Christmas and Polar Express, to name a few.

Slightly stuck and ultimately completely unknown in more than a respectable filmography is this great sci-fi thriller: The Connection. It belongs to the so-called hard science fiction, and is close in this registry to such works as 2001, the space saga of Stanley Kubrick or Interstellar by Christopher Nolan. Any business that is based on solid scientific foundations.

communication, is the story of Eli Arroway, driven from an early age by an insatiable curiosity, a passionate desire to know the universe, to get closer to infinity, and to enter into contact with other worlds. Becoming a brilliant young astronomer, Ellie remains attentive to the skies, watching with a team of researchers for a sign of extraterrestrial intelligence… After long searches, Ellie and company pick up on a signal coming from the star Vega…

The movie faced many problems during its production. The original idea for the film came about in 1979, when American astronomers Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan began work on a 100-plus-page treatment. Sagan clearly knew what he was talking about: He had collaborated on the development of the SETI (Search for Intelligent Emissions with a Network of Radio Telescopes) program, which is discussed in the film.

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But that project sank into the abyss of development, and adaptation didn’t start until 1989, four years after Sagan decided to publish it as a novel. During this time, several directors, such as Roland Joffé and George Miller, were involved in the project, but eventually dropped out.

Thus it is Zemeckis who will inherit the dominators communicationfilming his movie between September 1996 and February 1997. Despite production problems, the film received generally positive reviews, but its box office success was very mixed, considering the production budget ($90 million).

Among the grievances of the time: some found the film unbearably slow, too unspectacular for SF… communication He publishes a rather fantastic screenplay, which sets the stage for an exciting confrontation between science, faith and religion. The questions are still of great interest in the United States (and not just anywhere else), as creationists think so Science can only contradict religion.

Carried at arm’s length, Jodie Foster is gorgeous in an Elie Arrow look, and here she embodies a heroine who is as honest as she is passionate, independent and headstrong. A brilliant but fringe scientist, like Doc of Back to the future.

brilliant at the bottom, communication She’s also gorgeous in form, with Zemeckis’ gorgeous staging ideas. From the introduction for example; A 3-minute series filmed in reverse tracking, indicating the passage of time. Or the series’ famous mirror shot, where as a baby Ellie (Jena Malone) discovers her dead father at the bottom of the stairs.

To detect or review any downtime for that. Available on DVD and Blu-ray, Connect is also available on VOD.

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