Is iOS 16 more responsive than iOS 15? The answer is in the video

Is iOS 16 more responsive than iOS 15?  The answer is in the video

iOS 16 has barely been released (in developers beta at the moment), here’s already a first comparison with iOS 15.5 on iAppleBytes. The YouTuber has already compared the two platforms in terms of fluidity and playback speed. Several devices have been tested, such as the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone 8. The opportunity to get a first glimpse of Possible performance improvements or degradation With the new version of the iPhone software.

iOS 16 vs. iOS 15.5, which is faster?

Be careful, understand that these tests on video are not scientific, in the sense that they lack a certain accuracy that allows a clear conclusion to be drawn from the result. Despite this, iAppleBytes made sure to perform the same treatments on every operating system and several iPhones, as well as offering a comparison of benchmark tests.

Anyway, we see that in the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, the transition to iOS 16 does not happen Doesn’t seem to cause any slowdown. Everything seems as fluid as in iOS 15.5, opening apps, browsing the internet, swiping the screen, etc.

On iPhone XR and iPhone 8 we can see a file Certain lack of iOS response in version 16. Some apps don’t seem to open as fast as they open in iOS 15.5, weather, for example, but also Facebook or YouTube. The difference is slight in the iPhone XR, but it is very present. she Even more unique on iPhone 8.

As for the benchmark results, they are present on all devices almost identical Between the two iOS versions tested.

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For me, on my iPhone XS, iOS 16 feels more responsive to me than iOS 15.5. Remember, however, that iOS 16 is currently only available to developers of beta 1. By the time its final version is released in the fall, its performance can be improved. Anyway, we hope so.

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