iPhone SE 2022 review: The iPhone is already half dull

iPhone SE 2022 review: The iPhone is already half dull

Spring is the season for mating, birds chirping, budding flowers and the launch of the iPhone SE. Two years after the second generation iPhone SE, Apple is launching a new entry-level generation of large circular greenhouse. The iPhone SE 2022 is built in the same pot as its predecessor, and it thrives by getting the A15 chip, 5G and improvements here and there. But has Apple put in enough fertilizer to make it a durable smartphone? The answer is in our test.

The third generation of the iPhone SE lineup

This new iPhone SE is available in Midnight, Starlight and (PRODUCT) RED finishes. It costs 40 euros more than the iPhone SE 2020 it replaces:

Design seen, reviewed and re-reviewed

Apple’s marketing genius struck again. iPhone SE 2020 was introduced as “A powerful new smartphone with a recognizable design.” His successor is A “A powerful smartphone with an iconic design.” Symbolic is a beautiful term, not to mention prehistoric, because it finds its roots in it iPhone 6 Released in 2014.

If you’ve ever seen an iPhone 6/6s/7/8/SE 2, you know the iPhone SE 3. The 4.7-inch LCD screen is surrounded by wide black bezels. The lower part shows the reception of the button that integrates the Touch ID sensor, which is still functional.

iPhone 7 and iPhone SE 3
iPhone 7 and iPhone SE 3. It was the iPhone 8 that introduced the glass back to allow wireless charging.

The grip is very familiar, or at least brings back memories. Measuring 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm and weighing 144 grams (4 grams less than its predecessor), the new iPhone SE is light and compact, making it easy to handle with one hand. Old iPhone owners won’t be confused about how it works. However, it is not pleasant to use an iPhone “with a full screen”, and the error in its user experience is rooted in the past. You can’t turn on your screen by just touching it, activate the flashlight from the lock screen, switch from one app to another with a side swipe…

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One can object that these notes are for the modern iPhone user and the iPhone SE 3 is not directed at them. That’s right, but finally, nearly five years after the iPhone X hatched, not consumers who don’t want or can’t put more than $500 in an iPhone are entitled to Modern user experience ? Apple is the only brand that allows itself to release a smartphone with this retro design in 2022. Even the cheapest Android smartphones have not had such bezels in years.

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