iPhone 14: An emergency satellite call saves a life

The new feature that Apple provides on the iPhone 14, which allows emergency calls to be made via satellite, recently became available across the Atlantic, and it has already saved a life. We tell you how a man escaped certain death thanks to his smartphone.

When technology saves lives, we salute. writing SFR News I already told you about it: the new iPhone 14s has an innovative feature that allows you to send an emergency SOS via satellite when you are in an area without network coverage. A novelty far from being a gimmick, as evidenced by recent news and the story of a rescue that could not have taken place without this functionality.

I saved a man’s life thanks to his iPhone

Alaska and its vast, deserted landscapes: a snowboarding enthusiast’s dream. Traveling tens of kilometers without meeting a living soul is a certain idea of ​​adventure. But when an unexpected event interrupts the trip, getting away from it all is no longer an advantage and the situation can quickly turn tragic, especially if the temperature is below zero. On the night of November 30 to December 1, a man who had gone to cross the snowy woods at the wheel of his snowmobile found himself trapped, unable to extricate himself from a particularly isolated area. And if the person concerned is still alive today, it is thanks to his iPhone 14, which allowed him to contact the local authorities to send him help. On its site, theAlaska Department of Public Safety Publish an official report detailing this unusual operation:

“Our services have been notified that a man traveling on a snowmobile between Norvik and Kotzebue has activated an Emergency SOS via satellite from his iPhone after it was frozen. (…) 4 volunteers posted on GPS coordinates sent to us by Apple Emergency Services. “The person has been located and evacuated to the Kotzebue district by our teams. No injuries should be condemned.”

According to the site Macroomorrescuers told themselves “I am impressed by the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the initial alert”. A precision directly attributed to Apple’s Emergency Satellite SOS function, which not only sends an alert but also asks very specific questions so that aid can intervene in the best of circumstances.

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iPhone: A new privileged ally for emergency services?

The new Satellite Emergency SOS feature will be available in France in the coming days on all four models in the iPhone 14 range running iOS 16.1, and the service is free for two years after activation on a new device. The feature can be accessed through the smartphone settings. Once activated, simply follow the onscreen instructions to connect to the satellites.

And that’s not the only feature on Apple’s latest iPhone that’s been making headlines lately. This past October, Crash Detection enabled rescuers to quickly get to the scene of a car crash in Lincoln, Nebraska. The unconscious passengers were unable to contact the emergency services themselves, it was reported CBS News. Mission accomplished for Apple, which no longer needs to validate these innovations.

Sources: Alaska Department of Public Safety, CBS News, The Macrooms

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