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María Paula Gonçalves, a law student at the University of Lisbon returning from a semester at Erasmus in Paris, and Vicente Piero, a secondary school student at the Terminal in “Salesianos” in Évora, accompanied the Ambassador and the heads of the main departments on a typical day’s course of activities at the French Embassy in Portugal.

They started today by attending the weekly meeting of department heads and visiting the different departments at the embassy. They then accompanied the ambassador as she spoke to high school students in the Charles Lipierre French High School – Lisbon To discuss the state of women’s rights around the world. Finally, the day ended with a meeting at the headquarters with the “Paiction” movie team; Director Albert Serra and lead actor Benoit Magimel were in attendance.

Maria Paola Gonçalves and Vicente Perro.
© French Embassy in Portugal

Ambassador and students María Paola Gonçalves and Vicente Piero.

Ambassador and students María Paula Gonçalves and Vicente Piero.
© French Embassy in Portugal

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