Intel Core i5-12500 CPU Test: Versatile and Energy Saving

We have published an entire article dedicated to wizards Intel Alder Lake – 12th Generation Core. So we refer you to this article to learn more and we are satisfied here to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of Core i5-12500. This model has 6 high-performance (P-Core) cores and no low-power (E-Core) cores. An original configuration that draws a line under the hybrid side of the vast majority of Alder Lake processors. However, it offers Hyperthreading and thus displays 12 threads on his desk. The base frequency is 3 GHz and it can go up to 4.6 GHz in some cases. Note that Turbo Boost Max, which allows you to get a few megahertz, under the circumstances, is not available here. In addition, power consumption is lower than in the K models, with a base power envelope set to 65 watts and a maximum consumption of 117 watts. Note however that this maximum consumption is only held for a few moments, unlike the K models which are completely unlocked at this level. This results in energy consumption that peaks for a few tens of seconds during a strenuous task, before falling and settling at a lower level as the task continues.

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