Instagram on the iPad? His boss confirms that no one cares

Instagram and WhatsApp have two things in common: the app was acquired by Facebook and is not found on the iPad. From the start, Instagram only works on the iPhone, or in an extended version on the tablet. While many users are demanding a proper adaptation, Instagram head Adam Mosseri has once again tried to defend this decision, but with a somewhat false excuse…

Instagram won’t come to iPad

This isn’t the first time Instagram has made a comeback due to its inability to create a custom tablet app. Last year, Mosseri said that one of the apps Instagram on iPad “It would be nice to do,” but Instagram had “a lot to do and only a limited number of developers, so you didn’t make that cut.” Give an almost identical answer in 2020.

Instagram Shopping

This time, Mosseri took a slightly different approach to meet that demand. In response to a tweet from Marques Brownlee about not having an iPad app in 2022, this time Mosseri acknowledged that Instagram gets a lot of this kind of query, while at the same time making it clear that there aren’t enough iPad users to justify the action.

Mosseri wrote:

Yes, we often receive this request. It’s still a large enough group of people to be a priority. I hope I can address it at some point, but right now we’re too busy with other things.

Mosseri added in the following tweet:

I call them “final attributes”. Things like dark mode support, scheduled posts, an iPad app, removing a photo from a circle, and more.

Finally, the last tweet:

Each platform adds overhead. We support iOS, Android, www, IG Lite and Android is the most important.
TikTok and YouTube are giants, people share more in posts than stories or feeds, so we have to adapt.
We are lighter than you think.

The story of the rooster and the bull?

The manager’s answer is unsatisfactory and self-contradictory. He tries to argue that there aren’t enough iPad users to guarantee the creation of a custom iPad app, while saying that Instagram regularly receives this request. It is the snake that bites its own tail, especially since with a good adaptation on the tablet Insta can attract many potential customers. And when you consider that Apple probably shipped more than 51 million iPads in 2021

With the revenue the service makes, an iPad version wouldn’t be a luxury, especially since the social network has wasted time and money on new features on several occasions in the past.

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