In Spain and Portugal, submerged villages are coming back to the surface

The Iberian Peninsula is experiencing an unusual and alarming drought: In January, it rained only a quarter of what was expected, making January 2022 the driest month in Portugal in 90 years. The drought is exceptionalSeverity, size, and duration“And it could have serious consequences for agricultural activities in Spain and Portugal.”We no longer have work in June, and that could cause problems‘ explains one farmer.

But this drought also caused startling and unexpected events: waterlogged villages were discovered. In Galicia, in northeastern Spain, the dam of the Alto Lindo Reservoir was almost emptied, revealing at the same time the ancient village of Aceredo, which was overrun by the reservoir in 1992.

Maximino Perez Romero, retired from A Coruña, told guardian I feel that “Watch a movie“:”it’s a sad thing. I have the impression that this will double in the coming years due to drought and climate change.However, visitors have been able to explore the remains of this village, with the roofs, bricks, and beams covered in dry mud.

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