In New York, the gay community is moving against monkeypox

In New York, the gay community is moving against monkeypox

They were a few hundred in front of a Manhattan courthouse to answer the Act Up call. On this Thursday, July 21, Mordechai Levovitz, founder of Queer Youth, an association that helps gay Jews, teases the crowd: ” are you angry ? “ And attacking the Biden administration, which is accused of responding with great shame Monkeypox epidemic Mainly affecting LGBT polygamists in New York : This administration says she is our friend. But putting on a rainbow flag means nothing if you don’t care about your gay friends. »

According to the city’s health department, there were 639 confirmed cases of monkeypox in New York on July 19, affecting 97.7% of men — only one woman was infected. The patients are 52.4% LGBT, 1.4% heterosexual, and 46.2% have as yet unspecified sexual orientation.

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“If you are an MSM and you have multiple or anonymous sexual partners, your chances of being exposed are high.”warns the city’s website, which states that “Anyone can get monkeypox and transmit it.”. The epidemic is racing. The number of registered cases in New York rose by 200 in three days, to 839 on Friday, from a total of 2,891 cases nationwide.

Unable to book online

Manhattan is the epicenter of the outbreak, but the city hasn’t gotten its fair share of vaccinations. We had 30% of the hits, but we only got 10% of the doses.”Jason Cianchoto, GMHC Vice President, AIDS Control Association, regrets. These are already delivered in drops and residue. To be entitled to a vaccine, which is freely given and administered by the federal state, you must be of legal age, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and have had multiple or anonymous reports in the past two weeks. It is necessary first of all to register on the Internet first, but the computer system fails three times, and first of all, appointments fly by in a few minutes.

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The next meeting train will be open tomorrow at 6 p.m., hopes Ty Boring, who hasn’t been able to find an opening for several weeks. This Sunday, July 24, it is impossible to book any vaccination online. To solve this situation, the federal government purchased 1.1 million doses from a Bavarian plant in the north, based in Denmark, but FDA permits, which were due to inspect the plant, lasted until mid-July.

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