“In June, mop your hair!”

“In June, mop your hair!”

What is Green June?

Aurore de Florian, pharmacist and treasurer of CPTS : “Everyone now knows “Pink October” (breast cancer screening) and “Blue March” (colorectal cancer). Green June is cervical cancer prevention month, mainly linked to the papilloma virus (1). There are two types of prevention: HPV vaccination, especially among young people (2) and screening This is the last point that we wanted to focus on with CPTS (3), through an awareness-raising process, for the first time in Grand Châtellerault as part of June Vert »

In short, prevention is better than cure?

“The earlier it is caught, the better it is taken care of and the better it is treated. The idea is not only to raise awareness of this process, but to go further by making women aware of getting tested. Smear protocols have changed quite a bit over the course of The past five years.

This examination relates to profiles of women?

“This examination concerns women between the ages of 25 and 65 years. From 25 to 30 years, a smear is done every three years. From 30 to 65 years, it is a smear every five years.”

Who should I contact?

“We have asked health professionals in the Grand Châtellerault region to be able to perform these swabs. If a woman wants to be screened, she goes to the CPTS website and can make an appointment with a health professional.”

Who are these health professionals?

“About ten professionals and partners have been mobilized in Operation Green June. Gynecologists are not the only ones authorized to take samples, there are also midwives and general practitioners.”

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What other actions has CPTS taken?

“We are also implementing preventive measures at Thales and Arco in Châtellerault. »

(1) This condition affects more than 3,000 women in France every year. Thanks to screening, 90% of cervical cancer cases can be prevented.

(2) Vaccination has been open since January 2021 for boys because the virus does not only infect women.

(3) Regional health professional community.

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