In France, taxation has become a dirty word

In France, taxation has become a dirty word

stubbornness doctrine. By rejecting in recent months the desire to tax super-profit companies, Emmanuel Macron has locked himself in a position that has become untenable. After Portugal, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium and even Germany in turn declared their support for an extraordinary tax, it became impossible not to do anything. Hence the transformation began on Monday evening by the President of the Republic, who adhered to the German position: the establishment “European contribution required from energy (electricity and gas) operators”. Refunds can then be donated to states To fund targeted national measures.

Super Profits: A European Mystery

By setting the debate at the European level, while carefully avoiding talking about taxes, the head of state hopes to deliver a double whammy: to respond to the misunderstandings mounting in public opinion, but also to constrain the raging fire. . For, if his Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne had not shut the door to an extraordinary tax, Bruno Le Maire, he has always stubbornly refused, and still refuses.

Amazing Fertilization

In doing so, the Minister of Economy remains faithful to his liberal convictions. Since 2017, in Percy, tax » It has already become a ‘swear word ». And it’s not just about semantics. During the first five-year period, the government did not stop fatigue mitigation

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