“I played with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and Zlatan, but the most talented player…”

After analyzing the impressive performance of his team in the defeat (4-1) against Manchester United, Pep Guardiola was once again asked about the great controversy he still faces with Liverpool to determine the Premier League Champions League.

First of all, the head of the Citizen Entity reiterated that what he is most proud of as a DT is seeing that despite all they have already achieved, their players are not giving up. English Football Cup:

“I’ve said it many times: My greatest achievement as a coach is that after winning three of the last four Premier Leagues, we’ve kept running like we’re running and we’re here to try to win again.

This is the highest praise. Usually with success comes bad thoughts and you have to think of something you are not into. Here, we’re still humble enough in every training and match to keep going there.

Then he confirmed that the Reds, led by Jurgen Klopp, are the toughest opponents he has faced throughout his career:

“If in the end we can’t win (the Premier League), it’s because we have an opponent who is the strongest opponent I’ve faced since my 12 or 13 year coaching career. In recent years, Liverpool have been exceptional, so fighting with them, after great success in domestic competitions. It’s a very good thing. It’s the greatest achievement of my career.”

In Spain, he had to face Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid, but it is true that the time he played alongside Klopp’s Liverpool is longer. In the 2018/19 Premier League, Sky Blues won the cup by just one point.

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In the 2019/20 Premier League, the Anfield men lifted the English title by reaching nearly 100 points. And now, in the 2021/22 Premier League, it looks like the champion will be decided again until the last minute.

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