Hurricane Fiona is expected to hit the Atlantic this weekend

Hurricane Fiona is expected to hit the Atlantic this weekend

(Halifax) says the Canadian Hurricane Center Fionacurrently Category 3, is expected to hit the Atlantic Ocean this weekend and could bring torrential rain, damaging winds and flooding.

Posted yesterday at 4:11pm.

The center said in a statement on Tuesday that Fiona A post-tropical storm is expected to become “large and powerful” and is expected to make landfall on Saturday to affect the Maritimes wilderness area.

Canadian Hurricane Center meteorologist Ian Hubbard said in an interview that he expects it Fiona It brings torrential rains and “very strong and potentially damaging winds” to some areas of the region.

Forecasts from the storm indicate that Fiona It will pass near or east of Cape Breton, Hubbard said. “So in terms of significant impacts, we’re talking about eastern Nova Scotia,” he said, adding that a significant portion of the province could be affected.

The warning applies to eastern New Brunswick, from the Schallur region to Moncton and the southeast and covers nearly all of Nova Scotia.

The center indicates that Fiona It should also affect Prince Edward Island and the Magdalen Islands, Quebec, before reaching Newfoundland.

Hubbard said the storm is likely to increase in size as it transitions from a hurricane to a post-tropical storm, meaning that the “area of ​​impact is likely to increase.” Since the storm will not reach the area for several days, its path and impact remain uncertain. “At this point, details are few and far between,” the meteorologist said.

Mr Hubbard suggests residents pay close attention to the weather forecast as the weekend approaches and prepare for the potential impact. Fiona.

Darlene Compton, Prince Edward Island’s public safety minister, said islanders should make sure their contingency plans are up-to-date and medical kits stocked.

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“This means making sure we have enough supplies for at least 72 hours,” she said in a press release. It is also important to watch for loved ones and neighbors who may need an extra helping hand to prepare for what Fiona can bring. »

Ian Hubbard said a large part of Atlantic Canada is likely to experience heavy rain and wind before a storm on Saturday.

Fiona It wreaked havoc in Puerto Rico last weekend and hit the Turks and Caicos Islands earlier on Tuesday.

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