Human remains found in suitcase in New Zealand

A family in New Zealand was shocked when they discovered human remains in a suitcase obtained during an auction.

The story was first revealed by Newshub last Thursday when authorities deployed several employees to a home on the outskirts of Auckland. Two bags have been seized.

The case is being treated as a murder and authorities are trying to identify the victim(s), although the number of bodies recovered is not specified.

The investigation has so far revealed that [la famille qui a trouvé les restes de la victime] “He will not be involved in the incident,” Detective Inspector Tufilau Famanuya Valois, Maunukau District Crime Officer, said in a statement.

According to the local authorities, this shocking discovery was made after the contents of one of the warehouses were auctioned off.

In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, neighbors claimed to have been alerted to the stench.
“I felt it. I thought it was a dead cat or something. They put it back on a trailer. How did they not feel that?” said a neighbor.

According to Lance Burdett, a former police investigator, the perpetrator could have fled abroad, “but if he left a trail, someone would end up showing off.”

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