How will the new Netflix rules affect you?

How will the new Netflix rules affect you?

Canadian Netflix users until yesterday had to announce their primary address, which will be used to close access to their account from any other address. Today, February 22nd, the entertainment giant is cracking down and the illicit connections have now been cut off.

To add an address in addition to your main address through which you can connect, you will now have to pay an additional $7.99 per month. For those who have used the account of others, your viewing history, lists and all data associated with your profile may be associated with another existing account if the latter is pushing an addon that allows the presence of an additional user.

To determine the validity of a connection, Netflix specifically intends to use the connected device’s IP address and wi-fi. The company announced that it will still be possible, however, to connect to the Netflix application on its mobile devices even while on the move or on a stationary device in a hotel, for example. In this case, when logging in, a four-digit number will be sent to the phone number or email address associated with the account. The user who wishes to call will have fifteen minutes to enter the numbers on their contact page.

Without specifying a time limit, Netflix announces that the device’s connection to Netflix off the Internet corresponding to the user’s home address must be rescanned after a certain period of use in order for access to the Service to be maintained.

end of love

The announcement of the end of sharing passwords between different users comes after Netflix lost more than 200,000 users as well as a 70% drop in the value of its shares in 2022. Canada, along with News Zealand, Spain and Portugal, is among the first countries where the sharing restructuring has been imposed.

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The change shocked many users, especially since in 2017, Netflix tweeted that “Love is sharing your password.”

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