How to factory reset an Android phone when it is locked

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Resetting your Android phone when it is locked can be a difficult process. You may feel helpless if you forgot your Android phone password, pattern or PIN. Fortunately, your phone can be rebooted when it’s locked with some effort. There are various ways to unlock a locked Android phone, such as using your Google account and booting into recovery mode. A good option is to use third-party software, such as PassFab Android Unlock, to bypass the lock screen and restore the phone to factory settings.

Part 1: How to reset Android phone when it is locked [3 méthodes]

Forgetting your Android phone password, pattern or PIN can be frustrating and leave you stranded. However, there are several ways to reset your phone when it is locked. In this article, we will learn about three effective ways to unlock a locked Android phone, including using your Google account information, entering recovery mode, and using third-party software applications such as PassFab Android Unlock App.

How to factory reset an Android phone without password

Method 1: Reset your Android phone when it was locked using PassFab Android Unlock [Facile et rapide]

You may not be able to use or access important data on your phone if it is locked. Although there are several ways to unlock an Android phone, software solutions like PassFab Android Unlock can be a quick and easy option. The tool is compatible with most of the Android devices and can help you reset the lock screen password, pattern or PIN without affecting your device.

Steps to reset Android phone when it is locked

level 1 : Download and install the program on your computer before using PassFab Android Unlock.

The second step: Run the program and select the “Remove lock screen” button. Next, connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: To get started, select “Remove Lock Screen” on the latest Samsung smartphone or other Android device and then click “Start”.

You will now get a reminder: “Removing the lock screen password will delete all data on the device. Are you sure you want to continue? To continue, tap Yes.”

The fourth step: After a few moments, your Android lock screen will disappear. To complete the action, click Done.

Method 2: Reset your Android phone when it is locked using recovery mode

Another way to unlock a locked Android phone is to boot into recovery mode. To enter this mode, you must first turn off your phone. Next, simultaneously press and hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons (if your smartphone has them) until your device vibrates and the recovery mode screen appears. Choose the option “Wipe data / factory reset” and confirm your choice. This will erase your phone data, including your lock screen password. But this method is difficult for some people.

Method 3: Reset Android phone when locked with Google account

If you previously set up and enabled Find My Device on your Android phone, you can reset it using your Google account. To do this, go to the Find My Device website on a computer or other device and sign in with the same Google account that you registered with your locked phone. Choose your device, then click on the “Erase Device” button. This will erase all data on your phone, including the lock screen password, allowing you to start over with your device.

Part 2: Additional tips for unlocking Android phone

Q1: Is there a universal unlock pattern for Android?

years: No, Android does not have a generic unlock pattern. To keep the device safe, each device has its own randomly generated unlock pattern or PIN. If your smartphone is locked and you need to unlock it quickly, use the PassFab Android unlock app for a quick and easy solution.

Q2: How can I unlock an Android phone if I forgot the pattern?

years: If you forgot your Android phone model, you can try entering the wrong one five times. After the fifth attempt, you will be asked to enter your Google account information to unlock your smartphone if you do not remember your Google account information. You can download Passfab Android Unlock, which is a great way to quickly unlock your Android phone.

Q3: How to remove Android pattern lock without losing data?

years: PassFab Android Unlock can also unlock Android pattern lock without wiping data. Connect your locked Android phone to your computer and launch the PassFab Android Unlock app to use this feature. To enter recovery mode, follow the onscreen instructions. The pattern lock on your device will be removed once the process is complete.

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Finally, locking your Android phone is a typical problem that can be solved using various methods. This article has been discussed How to reset your android phone when it is locked And three effective solutions to reset a locked Android phone, including PassFab Android Unlock, a quick and easy option to unlock your phone without losing data (old Samsung devices). You can unlock your locked Android phone and start using it again by following the steps in this article. Don’t let a locked phone prevent you from accessing it; Try these ways to get there.

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