How to diagnose malfunctions on your iPhone? Everything you need to know about RCS and free software

How to diagnose malfunctions on your iPhone?  Everything you need to know about RCS and free software

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Things to Remember in the News

Diagnostics, the bug analysis tool built into iOS is finally available in France. But when and how should it be used and what can it really help with? Whether it's fixing the problem yourself or knowing who to turn to for the right repair, this option may become necessary. That's why we explain step by step where to find the tool and how to use it correctly.

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But what are RCS messages really? The messaging protocol, the heralded successor to SMS, took time to establish itself (and convince Apple). Why so much corruption in a seemingly obvious solution? First of all, what is the real purpose of RCS?

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His words are rare and often useful. had the opportunity to chat with Jean-Baptiste Kempf, a French free software icon and president of VideoLan, the primary publisher of VLC. On the occasion of USI 2024, this major digital figure in France returns to the challenges of free software, in particular regarding sovereignty.

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Are you asking for more? For several days, several journalists from the editorial team have been “enjoying” the beta version of iOS 18. Scan the plaster To inform you better, it is part of the life of Geoffroy Ondet who discovered some strange, not to mention very frustrating, choices regarding the next iPhone operating system .

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Weekend video:

PCs are finally becoming Macs just like any other computer! If this statement makes you want to scream, that's okay, but that doesn't excuse you from giving Tetouan a chance to explain why and how he came to this conclusion. Be careful, you might just be convinced.

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