How to connect AirPods on Windows PC?

Apple headphones don’t just work on Macs and iPhones. Learn how to connect them to your computer to use them on Windows.

If you own AirPods, chances are you’re using them with your iPhone or Mac. Apple has done things well because its headphones, which are automatically recognized by the brand’s hardware, also connect automatically (or almost). But when it comes to using AirPods with other devices, it’s not the same.

Apple has such a reputation for wanting to secure its devices and ecosystem that many people believe that AirPods cannot be used with an iPhone or Mac. what’s the problem. Apple’s headphones might benefit from a quick connect system, admittedly only compatible with the brand’s hardware, but they’re still pretty simple Bluetooth headphones. So it can be perfectly connected to a Windows PC (or Android smartphone) to be used like any other Bluetooth headset. Be warned, if it works perfectly, it will still not allow you to access many options and settings available on macOS and iOS.

1. Activate Bluetooth on your computer

Before you want to connect your AirPods to your computer, first make sure that the Bluetooth connection is active in Windows. To do this, click Access quick settings From Windows 11, in the bottom right of the screen. Then click icon bluetooth to activate the connection on your device.


2. AirPods pair

Now click on the arrow displayed next to the Bluetooth icon to start searching for new devices nearby. Then open the lid of the AirPods case and wait a few moments for the AirPods to be detected and appear in the list.

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How to connect AirPods on a Windows PC

However, if your headphones are not detected by your computer, press the button on the back of your AirPods case and hold it for a few seconds until it starts flashing white. Your AirPods should then display a list of available unpaired devices. Click your AirPods to initiate their connection to their computer, and insert them into your ears.

How to connect AirPods on a Windows PC

3. Use your AirPods

While using AirPods on a Windows PC does not give you access to many settings that are available on iOS and macOS, you can still use them in the same way.

How to connect AirPods on a Windows PC

Thus, clicking on one of the branches of your AirPods will allow you to manage playing / stopping music. In the same way, a long press on one of the headphone strands will allow you to switch from noise reduction mode to transparency mode.

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