How Harry Styles organized the joke for his third album

The former One Direction singer will release his third album on May 20, which has cleverly orchestrated the harassment on social networks and in the press.

His fans were right: Harry Styles is preparing for a third solo album titled Harry’s house. In an ambush for several weeks on social networks, the former singer of the boy band One Direction will release this disc on May 20, which has cleverly orchestrated the harassment on social networks and in the press.

It all began last week, with a grotesque advertisement in various English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish and French newspapers, naively representing a lamp, a flower vase, or even an upside-down door. Under the graphic, a mysterious legend: “You are at home” and the web address

It’s hard to know exactly how fans related these ads to their idol, as they expected an album and single would be announced. The graphic designer who signed the illustrations salutes anyway on his Instagram account “All Harry Styles fans who have worked so hard to solve this mystery, you deserve the spy score!”.

Since filming a clip last February, in which the singer stood on a giant bed, about Buckingham and an article by the sun Advertisers, as of March 6, of a new project, have been on the alert.

Hidden clues on the site, and the announcement of his participation in Coachella, also put them on alert, allowing them to prove that these were indeed advertisements for his next record.

On youarehome, a drawing of a rat’s door is displayed on a photo that is updated every day. Feverish fans investigated and discovered that the published visuals were actually covers of famous books, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on nature or Spring Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami. Then other images appeared in the crack of the door: Planet Earth and an excerpt from a puzzle inspired by Cavallini Archives.

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Fans achieve

Accounts linked to this site have also been activated in Twitter, followed immediately by 343,000 subscribers, on Instagram (419,000 subscribers) and on TikTok (109,500 subscribers). Fans continue their investigationSoon, the new Harry Styles project was contacted.

Fan theories were confirmed on Tuesday, March 22nd, when Harry Styles subscribed to these accounts. This Wednesday, the Briton formalized the news, confirming the headline Harry’s house circulated on social media.

He revealed his release date, May 20, as well as a cover, as he stands in a room whose furniture is taped to the ceiling. . website It is still active, and is now linked to a trailer for the album.

Soon back to the cinema

Harry Styles has already released two albums since the end of boy band One Direction. The singer also became an actor, taking convincing first steps in Dunkirk, by Christopher Nolan.

Preview last year in eternityThis year he will be in the cast do not worry my loveAnd the new movie by Olivia Wilde and PolicemanWith Emma Corinne. In line with playing Prince Eric in a lively remake of the little MermaidFinally, he declined the role.

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