How do you protect yourself from a toxic colleague?

How do you protect yourself from a toxic colleague?

A toxic coworker causes an imbalance in the relationship.

There are different types of toxic colleagues, who through their behavior and words can affect the morale and self-confidence of their colleagues. Getting to know them is already starting to watch out for them.

What are profiles?

There are 3 profiles of toxic fellows to encounter, and it is important to know how to spot:
– The passive who cooperates but does not interfere and who does not react when asked to do something.
The aggressive who puts his needs before the needs of others and imposes himself on his colleagues, often.
Passive-aggressive manipulating sentences that cause discomfort, for example: “I think you know” or “I think you can do more.”

Manipulation, influence, or guilt are tools that a toxic coworker uses because of his or her personality and behavior, including outside work and unwillingly.

Knowing how to set boundaries

Being aware of how your toxic co-worker is doing allows you to immediately set boundaries and maintain emotional distance to protect yourself. By avoiding over-talking about yourself or your ambitions, you avoid potential attacks.

Before the situation becomes unbearable, inform your hierarchy to attempt mediation and protect yourself.

Find out more: “Toxic Figures: A Brief Guide to Surviving Against the People Who Poison Our Existence” by Bernardo Stamatias.

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