How do you leverage the metaverse in business?

How do you leverage the metaverse in business?

Having developed online project management tools and hybrid working methods for remote work: it is virtual environments that generate ideas and enthusiasm at the heart of companies skilled in digital transformation and “gamification”.

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The metaverse definition could be as follows: a Universe in Virtual Reality (where augmented realityIt can be accessed online, allowing you to create diverse experiences Digital 3D blending, social connections and manipulation. As a true network of 3D virtual universes, the metaverse provides many opportunities for businesses. Find out what changes are caused by the evolution of the metaverse, and in particular The metaverse corporate game…and how they can benefit from this new digital transformation!

The rise of gamification and the metaverse is in the works

The Exact definition of metaverse It is not known to everyone yet and it can be difficult to identify the elements that characterize it The parallel universe of a video game Online classic.

However, there are many reasons why many rig-friendly companies are investing in the metaverse. The main reason is the following: the possibility of organizing meetings and various other professional encounters in a fun, original and personal environment, with an unlimited number of participants.

Once this feature is integrated, the possibilities are endless and any meeting – or online event – can be modified using different tools:

  • custom avatars
  • ranking by grades;
  • Rewards systems
  • virtual assistants
  • Track participants and their progress;
  • etc.
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The different uses of metaviruses in the world of work

Companies that want to take advantage of the metaverse can do so in several ways:

  • Training with immersive experiences that accelerate learning;
  • Raising awareness of demonstrations that focus on personalization and role-playing;
  • Collaboration with new levels of social contact;
  • team building with social events that combine cohesion and games;
  • recruitment with accessible processes and personal tests;
  • Onboard with immersive environments, in service of the company’s values ​​and organization.

Simango Corporation and training space Dedicated to health professionals in the metaverse fully demonstrates this desire to use the world of augmented reality, at the service of companies.

Why use the metaverse in business?

Allowing business leaders and, more generally, different employees, access to the metaverse … Above all, this means allowing them to solve many problems thanks to 3D visualization, in order to work smarter and more efficiently.

The metaverse and the experiences that stimulate it also promote rapid learning, in the office or at home, thanks to games, artificial intelligence, simulation and the great focus that immersion allows.

The aura surrounding metaverses has grown exponentially in recent years, and it’s the imagination and engineering that will allow it to reach its full potential within seed companies in the near future.

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