How cockroaches took over the world

How cockroaches took over the world

If there is one insect that has become synonymous with disgust, it is the cockroach, also called the cockroach. However, his genes show an extraordinary ability to adapt.

It is believed that the small creature originated from Europe. In fact, it arrived from South Asia just over 2,000 years ago, genetic analysis reveals.

Affiliations with humans

The insect spread very quickly because of its “association” with humans. Or more precisely, with human habitats, whether it is a house and its food scraps or a ship departing for a distant destination.

This last aspect does not need to be noted by heredity. Since its first scientific description Platella germanica In 1776, Swedish biologist Carl Linnaeus noted that they highly valued human company…much to their dismay.

European and Asian branches

The team of researchers in question, led by evolutionary biologist Qian Tang from Harvard University, analyzed the genomes of 281 of these “German cockroaches” collected from 17 countries, including Australia, Ethiopia and the United States.

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