How Camping-car Park has established itself in the management of parking areas

On the way to a motorhome vacation this summer, you may have come across one or even several. Because for several years, parking areas mobile garden It thrives everywhere in France. Lamalou-les-Bains, La Baule, Saint-Martin d’Ardèche… Just browse the local press to realize that not two weeks will pass without a new area of ​​this kind opening. “From 35, we have gone to 400 regions, and we are opening two in Belgium this summer, we welcome Olivier Coudret, general manager of the company created in 2011 in Burnique (Loire Atlantic). This is the equivalent of 12,000 sites. »

While these recreational vehicles have been a hit, and even more so since the health crisis (there are more than 2.5 million dealers in Europe), the founders of Camping-car Park, which today employs 85 people, foresaw parking problems and in general. From coexistence that will quickly arise. To help communities deal with this Difficult question sometimesthe company that presents itself as a leading company in Europe advises them on Modernization their municipal areas or camp sites, which they then take over. Olivier Caudret confirms: “We have saved and profited from a number of sites that have served as a financial hole for municipalities. We also need an alternative to wild campingwith environmental considerations that may arise such as waste management or wastewater…”

Safe but more consolidated areas

For a third of the receipts, the subcontractor takes care of everything, from planning the occupation to paying, including water supply, electricity or WiFi. Thanks to an application, its 550 thousand users can locate the network area, read reviews and refer to prices (from 10 to 12 euros per night on average), and even pre-book their offer. Access is then made at any time of the day or night thanks to the emblem that activates the barrier. Olivier Caudret adds: “If there is a problem, we have a call center that responds in nine languages. Communities understand that hosting is best when it is safe, comfortable and clean. Having tourists consuming locally is also very beneficial for merchants.”

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But the company, which has a turnover of 10 million euros and will soon open up to Spain, Germany and Portugal, is not only convinced. Because these areas, more standardized, do not fit the state of mind some travelers claim. “Our philosophy is freedom,” says Christian Melot, vice president of the association French Federation of Motor Home Associations and Clubs. But in some cities now you have to buy a ticket, because it’s Camping-car Park or nothing! According to the representative, some municipalities had benefited from signing a contract with the company to ban parking in places other than the site. “I call it a car park, continues Christian Melot. We must, of course, respect others, but without limiting ourselves.”

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