How about a contest to refresh yourself?

How about a contest to refresh yourself?

Oof! It's been very hot this week. We just wanted to calm down. So the Ace team prepared a a test Special…on the cold! Prepare to shiver!

1- For cooling, what's better than good ice cream! If you were in Italy, what word would you use to order this delicious dessert?


B. Kulfi

C. Dondorma

2 inches snow Queen, Christophe works related to the cold. any ?

a. Ski sharpener

B- Ice cream seller

C- Ice cutter

3- The frozen drink par excellence is clay ! But it's an English term! How do you translate it into French?

A- A snow storm

B- Soft drink

C- slip

4- What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada?

a. -98°C

B. -56.7°C

C. -62.8°C

5- Which of these pictures shows a penguin?

a. Picture A

B. Picture B

6- True or false? At an indoor rink, the ice temperature is 0°C.

In reality

B- Wrong

7- In what year was the first modern air conditioning system invented?

a. In 1574

B- In 1902

C- In 2010

8- Where is the highest swimming pool in the world?

A- In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

B- In New York, United States

C- In Montreal, Canada

9- True or false? There are mosquitoes in the Arctic.

In reality

B- Wrong

10. In 1988, scientist Nancy Knight made a surprising discovery about the snowflake! any ?

A: I discovered two almost identical chips

B. I discovered that many of the flakes are composed of prehistoric ice

C. I discovered that eating chips is good for your health

Written by Licienne Alexandre, Les Aces de l'info

Information Cooperatives Initiative supported by the Government of Canada.

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Government of Canada

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