Horizon Forbidden West: The Next Official Game, will mark a real turning point for licensing

studio Gang war gamesto whom we owe Horizon Zero Dawn and its complement Horizon Forbidden West, posted 17 job offers for a new project online. It does appear that the developers of Aloy’s Adventures already have future games for the series in mind

A new game in the world of Aloy

Guerrilla is looking for a Leading International Designer to expand the Horizon universe to Multiplayer audience reads one job posting released by the development studio. Another job posting reads, “Guerrilla is looking for an experienced and passionate Senior Fighting Designer to help create a variety of enemies.” […] To fight cooperatively.”

Other details can also be found in Guerilla’s professional ads: the narrative designer will have to “tell a deep, complex story,” and the author will have to “provide compelling ideas for missions, factions, and scenarios.” These items indicate that it will therefore be an issueA game with narrative content similar to the main series.

Horizon MMO?

Guerrilla games since then officially confirmed Working on a multiplayer game set in the same world as the other Horizon games, it will feature a completely new look of characters and art style. Guerrilla also states in their Twitter post that the studio “continues to create epic single-player adventures for Aloy.”

Definitely, the development studio will not be idle at the end of the year. after being announced Horizon: Call of the Mountaina virtual reality version of the Post-Apocalypse series PSVR 2 in Februaryso guerrilla warfare means thatIn addition to what strongly resembles MMO Horizon, it is a third game belonging to the main series And maybe after Aloy’s adventures are also planned.

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